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You can drive your car in a most careful way, but some wear can’t be avoided. Regular maintenance of car’s living space and it’s body might suggest something about his owner. Despite the fact that you pay attention to your car, you have a normal wear and tear. You don’t have to reveal all of the cosmetic problems that have occured during the prolonged use of the car.

What we do:
  • Exterior pre wash
  • Paint surface clay barred
  • Hand wash
  • Door Sills cleaned
  • Plastic Trim Enhanced
  • Hand dried
  • Machine Polished
  • Exterior Glass polished
  • Litter removed
  • Fully Vacuumed
  • Door card panels cleaned
  • Carpets cleaned
  • All interior plastic treated
  • Glove box cleaned
  • Boot compartment cleaned
  • Odour re-fresh enhancement
  • Alloy wheel treatment inside and out
  • Wheel arches dressed
  • Door shuts
  • Tyre wall enhancement
  • Interior glass polished
  • Engine bay cleaned and dressed

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