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Outboard engine installation

Installing the engine on your boat is the most responsible moment: a poor quality installation can lead to spontaneous disconnection from the boat, deviation of the boat from the set course, increased fuel consumption, and this is not a complete list of possible problems! To prevent these problems, it’s essential to get it done professionally. Boats Expert is not just another service, it is a market leader with many boats launched and hundreds of satisfied customers. Mounting the engine on your boat is a crucial moment. Let’s take a closer look at the stages of work involved.

Outboard engine installation includes:

  • Hanging the engine on the transom of the boat.
  • Routing and connection of the control cables of the gas\reverse control gear.
  • Mounting and connection of a side mounted or flush-mounted Remote Control
  • Connecting the engine to the fuel system
  • Checking or refilling engine technical fluids
  • Test engine start
engine installation
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