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GALAXY  Professional RIB in Romania.

GALAXY – A World of Professional RIBs and Inflatable Boats

Under the esteemed GALAXY brand, we offer a range of reliable professional RIB PILOT and TRIDENT models developed for the most demanding marine environments. These models are renowned for their robust construction and are specifically engineered for professional use by military, police, rescue teams, state institutions, and industrial companies worldwide. Our boats, from the versatile RIB PILOT models to the formidable TRIDENT range, are designed to perform in challenging and extreme conditions.

The RIB PILOT models boast:
– A reinforced hull for enhanced durability,
– Additional metal keel protection to withstand harsh marine elements,
– Customizable boat equipment to meet the specific needs and tasks of the user.

The TRIDENT model range stands out with:
– A reinforced boat structure, ready for commercial and professional use in the toughest conditions,
– An aluminum hull with spray rail to ensure a dry and comfortable ride,
– D-shaped tube available in 3 options for greater on-water stability and safety,
– An enlarged cockpit for operational efficiency and comfort,
– Increased safety features for peace of mind during every voyage.

With GALAXY, you don’t just get a boat; you gain a dependable partner that brings together tradition and innovation to navigate the vast and unpredictable waters of our planet. Each boat is a testament to our commitment to excellence, offering unparalleled performance, safety, and reliability.

Experience the GALAXY difference – where every journey is an adventure waiting to unfold, backed by a global network of distributors and service centers. Choose GALAXY for quality, durability, and a maritime legacy you can trust.

In Romania, Boats Expert is an authorized GALAXY RIBs dealer, offering a complete range of RIB and services for equipment, maintenance, and repair. With their vast experience and specialized knowledge, Boats Expert is ready to provide any advice and assistance to help you choose and customize the perfect Galaxy RIB.