International Boat Show
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The Bucharest International Boat Show

  On March 30th and 31st, we had the opportunity to welcome you to the Bucharest Boat Show, where we were delighted to present a significant part of our Boats Expert portfolio. 

International Boat Show

    At our first stand, located right at the main entrance, we focused on the prestigious FINVAL brand, showcasing established models such as the 475 Evo DC or the 555 Fish Pro Plus edition, as well as new models like the Rangy 420 or the 510 Bass Side Console. We also paid attention to the preferences of fishermen from the Danube Delta, presenting the 470DC model, an ideal boat for this area, and we were proud to introduce the new 575 Casting Pro, considered by many to be the best-equipped boat in the entire exhibition.

International Boat Show

     At our second stand, we displayed our new Land X6, an aluminum cabin specially designed for passionate fishermen who aren’t deterred by weather forecasts.

Additionally, we offered the Land X2, the only center console in our range, at an extremely advantageous price.

Furthermore, we presented the Reval Grade CG47, an innovative combination of a fiberglass and aluminum boat, perfect for those who appreciate the versatility of an all-round boat.

Last but not least, we showcased the North Silver 585, two exclusive gems that are hard to find in Europe, offering safe navigation in all conditions.

   Although the event took place on March 30th and 31st, we were delighted to interact with a passionate audience interested in boats, engines, and fishing accessories. We thank everyone who visited our stands and made our experience at the Bucharest Boat Show so memorable!

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