HONDA BF175D | DBW | X-Type | Remote Control | Electric | Aquamarine Silver



HONDA BF175D | Drive by Wire | X-Type | Remote Control | Electrict Start | Aquamarine Silver

Explore our range of top-tier outboard motors, including the renowned Honda BF175D series. Designed for professional use, these outboard engines embody reliability, compactness, and lightweight construction, making them ideal for a variety of applications.

The Honda BF175D outboard motors are engineered to deliver exceptional performance and efficiency, thanks to the innovative PGM-IG electronic fuel injection system. Whether you’re cruising leisurely or pushing your limits, these engines offer the perfect blend of power and economy.

At the heart of the Honda BF175D series lies the VTEC™ system, a technology that optimizes fuel consumption without compromising on power. This intelligent system adjusts cam profiles based on engine speed, ensuring optimal performance across the RPM range. Experience the thrill of smooth, responsive power delivery, reminiscent of a Formula One race car.

Additionally, the Honda BF175D is equipped with the ECOmo low-blend combustion control system, further enhancing fuel efficiency and performance. Benefit from significant fuel savings without sacrificing speed or acceleration, making every journey more economical and enjoyable.

With large displacement engines and advanced technologies like BLAST, PGM-FI, VTEC, and ECOmo, the Honda BF175D series delivers unrivaled torque, acceleration, and top speeds. Coupled with a foot-mounted gearbox for minimal hydrodynamic resistance, these engines ensure a seamless boating experience every time.

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Type4-Stroke DOHC 5 cylinder
Displacement3583 cm³
Bore & Stroke89 X 96 mm 
Full Throttle RPM Range5,000-6,000 RPM
Rated Power175 HP @ 5,500 RPM
Cooling SystemWater Cooled
Fuel DeliveryProgrammed Fuel Injection
Ignition SystemMicroComputer Programmed
Starting SystemElectric
ExhaustThrough Hub
LubricationWet Sump
Trim Range-4° to +16°
Tilt Range68°
Gear Ratio2.14:1
Gear ShiftF-N-R
Alternator (Electric Start)55 Amps Total
Battery Charging Power60 Amps
Speedometer PickupStandard
Power TiltNA
Power Trim & TiltStandard
Gas Assisted TiltNA
Oil Pressure AlertStandard
Temperature AlertStandard
Overall Width660 mm/26 inches
Transom Height635 mm/25 inches
Dry Weight
X-Type287 kg/633 lbs. 

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